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Rusty Pencil - the only place for funny, rude and unusual cards

Yeah! Sod those rubbish places flogging bog-standard cards. Whether it's a funny or rude card for your BFF, mum or dad, you'll find unique and unusual cards right here.

No more preamble bollocks, thanks.

Take me to birthdays. 

No crap cards here

To be honest, there may be the odd one you think is a bit shit, but on the whole Rusty Pencil cards are jolly funny, unusual and occasionally a bit rude. Did you know that over 700 million cards were bought in the UK in 2020? Most cards are as predictable and yawningly dull as your local MP and sold by faceless companies with fancy pants marketing, yet still crank out the same old tat for thruppence and flog it to you for a few quid over the odds, and really don't give a fig about your mother's 60th birthday, or your best friend's birthday and, in fact, you, and I'm only moaning because I'm doing the quirky greeting card business all on my own. I'll stop now. Enjoy the cards. Buy one. Not 700 million. That would be silly. Just one. Maybe two.