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74 awful, yet funny, gardening puns to make your eyes roll.

The world of greeting cards is awash with puns. You can’t be considered a true humorous greeting card publisher unless you’ve cut your teeth on some daft and silly word plays.

Not to be left out, I've written a load of amaizing gardening puns for all you garden lovers. Some make great gardening birthday cards. Some are simply funny gardening cards.

There's planty of them. Read them and reap.

Let's waste no thyme. Sow here goes:

Vegetable puns

Lettuce celebrate

Tomarrow is another day

I love you from my head tomatoes

You're amaizing!

How old? Romaine calm

You leek stunning in that outfit

I carrot believe it!

That shallot of candles

That's a turnip for the books!

Oh my gourd!

Enjoy some peas and quiet

For he's a jolly good fennel

You're no has bean

Swede Caroline!

My heart skips a beet

You look radishing

New job? Hope your celery is good

Kale Caesar!

Let's celerybrate!

You rapscallion!

Are you pulling my legume?

I've been struck by Cupid's marrow!

Herb puns

I herb it through the grapevine

Eat, drink and be rosemary

How thyme flies!

Let's chive the night away

We're mint to be together

Never a dill moment

I feel very comfrey

He's grumpy. It must be his sage

Flower and plant puns

Thistle while you work

When our tulips meet

That's vine by me

You're always on your fern!

It's just one of rose things

A poeny for your thoughts

Aloe, aloe, aloe. What’s going on ‘ere, then?

I canna believe it!

You make me daisy

I'm head clover heels

Get some ice from the freesia

Here's to the fuchsia!

I love you more every dahlia

Aster la vista, baby!

You are very poppyular!

Phlox this nonsense!

Fruit puns

You're both a swell pear

I'll always be here for you, kumquat may

We're applely married!

My cherry amour

You’re one in a melon

Congratulations on your greengagement!

I'm speachless!

I'm eternally grapeful!

General gardening puns


I blame global worming!

Have an unbeleafable birthday

It's a case of trowel and error

Why the lawn face?

Well done smarty plants!

Yew are sexy!

Have a weedy great birthday!

That's a bit mulch!

I love you mower and mower each day

Olive you!

Have you botany plants recently?

You snailed it!

You wood not believe it

You're simply the pest!

Forking hell!

When all is shed and done

You're living on the hedge

He drives an autumnmatic

What a nice pair of anise

And that's it. I can't bear this torture any longer.

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