Father's Day cards 2021. Why bother?

Updated: Aug 24

Old engraving of a Victorian bearded man. Old father moaning about nits from his kids. Father's Day cards.

Poor old Dads. While Mum and the kids take centre stage, Dad is faffing around in the background trying to do something useful like banging a nail into a plank of wood, untangling extension leads or jumping around the BBQ with a fire extinguisher putting out the sausages. He’s the silent hero.

Mum and the kids take all the glory and attention, and I suppose in many respects, they should. Dad, meanwhile, keeps his head down and does his thing. His thing, of course, varies from family to family. While the school run is a joy for one, it’s a trip to hell and back for another. Does he get any recognition for all his efforts? Going by the card industry’s facts and figures, we all don’t think so.