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Being born and brought up in Africa gave me a sunny disposition. The weather and the lovely smiley people saw to that. I was lucky.


My sunniness soon evaporated when I moved permanently to the UK during the 1970s. It was the weather’s fault.


Sunniness turned into sarcasm and acerbic wit. I have to thank the British weather for developing my humorous outlook on life. With weather this bad you had to laugh and not take things seriously. I even sported a pre-George Michael hairdo and John Oates moustache to prove the point.


At art college I also developed an urge to always create original ideas. We were taught this right from the start. Don’t do what everyone else is doing. Be brave. I carried on with this throughout my life as an advertising copywriter for 30 years.


Like many folks, I tampered with dull greeting cards to make them my own; my own jokes, my own ideas. Each one fitted the bill perfectly. Recipients smiled. They received cards like no other. It gave me a kick. A buzz. This is where Rusty Pencil comes in.


I strive to create original ideas; ones that catch people by surprise and hit the giggle nerve. 

Being a writer by trade I also use words. Obvs. Sometimes when I get them in the correct order, they make people laugh out loud, smile, hug and drink. And if they’re lucky, have sex.


And if they’re really, really lucky, all of these things at the same time. 

Oh, the wonderful power of a greeting card!

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